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ThingsNocturnal is a high-energy, in-your-face, hard rock band from Sarasota, Florida.  The band was formed in 2015 when singer and guitarist, Shayne Bench, met Jeff Thal while looking a studio drummer for an anticipated solo project.  As the two began to work together in the studio, they realized how well they connected musically.


The band released its hugely inspirational debut album, Ujjayi, in March 2016.  The album is heavy and melodic, with powerful choruses and lyrical intent. From Fireworks Magazine, “Every time you hear Bench scream on this album, you know there is a reason for it; passion or pain, and you end up sitting up and thinking that was intense, and you end up getting lost in the songs throughout the album, examples of this are within the groove atmospheric melodic groove of songs like 'Loathe', which show Shayne's influences coming through, whilst staying true to his own creativity.”


In 2017, the band was introduced to drummer and bass player extraordinaire, Dave Cornicelli (aka Duff Cobra), and a power trio was formed.  Duff’s buttery bass grooves have helped add a sonic dimension to the band’s sound that was missing on the their first album.


ThingsNocturnal is planning to release its second album, The Plague Doctor, in the summer of 2018 (release date coming soon).  The Plague Doctor is a lyrical dive into those things that currently plague society. By focusing on social commentary, as opposed to political commentary, the album hits you hard with themes that are sometimes uncomfortable to discuss.  There are powerful messages on the racial divide in the U.S., the absence of fathers, the growing heroin epidemic, as well as religious martyrdom.

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